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The zoning amendments

The Crystal Beach Gateway Project required relief from the existing zoning bylaw on 10 individual points.

The zoning bylaw for general commercial calls for a maximum height of 2.5 storeys. The proposal has 12.

Developments require parking to be provided on-site and relief is sought to include off-site parking on the north side of Erie Road. The parking ratio is reduced from 1.5 spots per residential unit to 1.23.
The proposal also calls for tandem parking in the underground structure which will be used for residents of the condominium only. It’s similar to a one-lane driveway where the second car that pulls in blocks the exit for the first car.

Relief is sought for setback requirements from the 100-year flood line of 30 metres to 11 metres. Taller buildings also require larger setbacks from the property line, and relief is sought for these minimum requirements to be reduced, although a revised plan with increased setbacks for the upper floors was approved by council.

Open space
The zoning amendment also exempted the condominium from having an open space area of 18.5 square metres for each residential unit for the exclusive use of the residents. The rear yard setback is reduced from 10.5 metres to eight metres. The underground parking garage is exempted from lot coverage and setback requirements. A landscaped strip on the west side of the property is reduced from 3 metres to 2.1 metres.

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