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Condo fighters give $1,600 to candidates

The complete financial statements of the two mayoral candidates and the successful council candidates in the Fort Erie municipal election is published in the latest edition of The Ridgeway Herald.

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  1. Sarah | Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    Brilliant reporting Mike.

    Now it is more understandable why certain councillors are voting the way they are.

    We are indeed fortunate that Ann-Marie Noyes was not successful in her bid for mayor. Had she been successful, Fort Erie would have been in worse shape than it is now. Certainly then, the mayor and the four councillors would have shut down the Bay Beach Deveploment without regard for the citizens of Fort Erie, because they would have had to fullfill their obligation to their campaign donors.

    Still, without Noyes in office, the four councillors are doing just that. Thank God for the Mayor and the remaining two councillors, working on behalf of the citizens of Fort Erie
    in fending off these bought councillors agendas.

  2. Sarah | Apr 8, 2011 | Reply

    I read that the Mayor of Niagara Falls was in contention of losing his seat over a $155 mistake that put his campaign spending over by $75.

    Certainly, the DELIBERATE misrepresentation of campaign donations by two, if not all of the candidates mentioned in your article would constitute them being unseated similar to the Mayor of Niagara Falls.

    If this is the type of underhandedness embraced by certain councillors, then we, the citizens of Fort Erie are ….. SCREWED.

    This is untolerable. This should defenitely be investigated. The citizens of Fort Erie are being SCREWED OVER by these renegade councillors.

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