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What do you think of the mayor’s race?

This is an open post to allow people to vent about the race to be mayor of Fort Erie for the next four years. I will be fact-checking and moderating as usual. Put your name on your comment, provide a valid email address and be prepared to confirm by telephone or other means. I will respect reasonable requests to protect identity.

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  1. Dave Renshaw | Oct 19, 2010 | Reply

    Municipal government is by far the most democratic of all levels of government. Municipal governments as a whole spend more tax payers money than any other level of government. Local council decisions have a significant effect on our daily lives. Strong sound local leadership is thus most important. We have some fairly clear choices in this municipal election both at the Mayor’s level and the ward level. Be careful of what you vote for! But please Vote!!

  2. George Jardine | Oct 21, 2010 | Reply

    very tame and very civil, no fireworks.just dull dull very dull

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