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Water bills stay flat for 2014

Thanks to a rebate from the Region for overestimated sewage volumes and a reduction in next year’s treatment charges, residential water customers in Fort Erie will see no increase on their residential water bills in 2014.

The combined base charge to customers will be reduced by $1 per month. The volumetric rate will be increased by about 7 cents per cubic metre, or about $1 for the average user.

The base charge will be $64.12 and the volumetric rate will be $2.36 per cubic metre.

The Town estimates the average household uses 16 cubic metres per month and will pay 101.92 per month.

A cubic metre is 1,000 litres. A low flush toilet uses six litres. A standard shower head uses 15 litres per minute. A splash pad in use from May to October uses 4,300 cubic metres or 4.3 million litres.

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