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Understanding the condo termination

In an expected move to end the year, the Molinaro Group terminated its partnership with the Town of Fort Erie to build an 84-unit condominium building on public land at Bay Beach.

A decision one way or the other had been anticipated since Nov. 25 when town council refused to push back the Dec. 31 closing date on the real estate transaction.

Molinaro had offered to demolish the unsound buildings at Bay Beach in exchange for the show of good faith.

The decision was made in a 4-3 vote by councillors John Hill, Paul Collard, Bob Steckley and Don Lubberts.

For the public’s consumption, the issue seemed simple.

Behind the scenes, it was anything but simple. The issues discussed in three closed session meetings featured at least two letters from lawyers and a personal appearance by one of them.

If recent history is a guide, a series of closed meetings involving lawyers followed by a 4-3 vote can only result in disaster.

For the entire story, please download the newspaper in pdf format January 7, 2014-44. Approximately 1.7MB.

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