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Steckley says election audits “disgusting”

Councillor Bob Steckley says the compliance audits being conducted on the election finances of five members of council and a defeated candidate are “appalling” and “disgusting.”

“I think they need to take a good look in the mirror” before they “accuse anyone around this council chambers of spending money foolishly when they have just cost this town this kind of money.”

Listen Steckley voiced his opinion during Monday’s council meeting while authorizing an $86,500 contract to hire an auditor.

Only he and councillor Rick Shular took part in the process because everyone else on the seven-member council is being audited and they declared conflicts of interest.

The accountants will examine the election finances of Mayor Doug Martin, mayoral candidate Ann-Marie Noyes, and councillors Paul Collard, Don Lubberts, John Hill and Stephen Passero.

The audit process has already cost $10,200 for legal services with another $10,000 expected to be incurred.

The possibility exists for even more expenses if the audit committee recommends legal proceedings as a result of the audits.

The town is obligated to pay for the audits but may choose to recover the costs from the applicants if the auditor finds no reasonable grounds to conduct the audits.

The audits are expected to take three months to complete.

The following is Steckley’s complete statement he made Monday night.

“I’m just appalled at what has gone down here and I find it strangely ironic that one of the people that brought forward an audit request was here tonight as a delegation and even had the nerve to bring about the spending that she felt was inappropriate by members of council.

“These people that brought forward the audit complaints are costing the town of Fort Erie over $100,000 and for I think it was less than $30,000 collectively between the six that are being audited.

“I find that appalling. I find it disgusting. And how these people can sit out there and accuse anyone around this council chambers of spending money foolishly when they have just cost this town this kind of money — I think they need to take a good look in the mirror.

“I’ll be happy when this is behind us because it is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth.”

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  1. Lesley North | Sep 27, 2011 | Reply

    I was also at town hall and couldn’t beleive my ears. Councillor Steckley I am disgusted at your behaviour. I noticed that you waited till Marina Butler was no longer there to disrespect her. And you and your 3 boys ran from Greg and I in the parking lot. Is it women you have a problem with or just the one that see you for what you have become. I have looked and looked for the good in you and sorry as of last night I don’t even see a possibility. To blame the people who called for the audit is beyond reasonable. To do it on camera at a council meeting is conduct unbecomming of a councilor. To do it after the deligate has left is just plain gutless.

  2. Elmire | Sep 27, 2011 | Reply

    Since Mr Steckley joined the puppet team I have lost all respect for him, hopefully he and his cohorts will pay the most for the consequences of the mess they are creating.

  3. Stan | Sep 28, 2011 | Reply

    I’m surprised you haven’t heard from “Rick”. You think that he’d be on this like stink on a turd.

  4. Mike Cloutier | Sep 28, 2011 | Reply

    I would have thought so too.

  5. Peter K. | Oct 5, 2011 | Reply

    Councillor Steckley’s colourful comments are exactly what is expected from someone without an ounce of respect for the poor, the unemployed and the elderly of the town he represents.
    Deflecting guilt is becoming legendary from those that ran on a platform of accountability and transparency.

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