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Sex allegation forced Craitor out as MPP

Former MPP Kim Craitor says the Liberal party forced him to resign his Queen’s Park seat in 2013 after an “unfounded and unsubstantiated” sexual harassment allegation was made against him, reports the Niagara Falls Review.

Craitor originally cited his exhaustion when he resigned which triggered a byelection in which NDP candidate Wayne Gates claimed the seat and who went on to win in the general election just a few months later.

“I did not want to resign. I had done nothing wrong. I told the party that. Nor was the party able to prove that any such complaint had happened,” the Review quotes Craitor in an email it received Thursday.

“They, the party, said that it was their job to protect the premier, and that to do that I had to resign. There was never any complaint to the police, just to the party and they took care of it in their own way.”

Source: Craitor denies sexual harassment allegations

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  1. Steve Ballard | May 6, 2016 | Reply

    Kim Craitor is too good of a man to be straddled with such a dishonest party such as the liberals. How could they label such a genuine community ambassador as they did. Remember every time someone points a finger they have three fingers pointing back at themselves. That is certainly true of our liberal governments.

  2. delia | May 6, 2016 | Reply

    wonder why he didnt fight this?

  3. Patty Mountain | May 9, 2016 | Reply

    This is so wrong. It breaks my heart that the Liberals are retaliating against someone who put the people first instead of his own gain.

  4. Patty Mountain | May 9, 2016 | Reply

    Because what would it do to change the situation, his reputation is now tarnished by those who weren’t privileged to know this great man.

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