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Serious decisions about high schools ahead

No decision as to the fate of three high schools in Fort Erie, Ridgeway and Port Colborne was made, but members of a committee of the District School Board of Niagara and the public were left with a lot to think about.

After summarizing education and facilities evaluations, DSBN staff offered three scenarios for the committee to ponder at its meeting held at Ridgeway Crystal Beach High School Thursday night.

All three involve the closure of at least one school.

A public information session will be held at Port Colborne High School next Thursday, Dec. 13, and the committee will have another meeting in January.

More to follow.


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  1. Ryan | Dec 7, 2012 | Reply

    While the closure of a high school would be a loss for a community, I believe many parents and community members are not looking at the bigger picture.

    The options at larger high schools give students an option to explore alternative programs and studies that a small school cannot offer. The smaller high schools struggle to provide the basic programs (math, English, sciences, etc) where larger high schools have plenty of optional courses.

    When I look at the options at RCBHS, and compare them to the high school I attended (which was approximately 4000 students), I had a catalogue of classes to sort through, where at RCBHS the classes are pretty much basic curriculum.

    We had multiple art disciplines, music classes, languages beyond French, technology and trade classes, etc. etc. that allowed a student to explore interests before going to college/university.

    These classes helped me form what industries I enjoyed, and led to further success in choosing a career I enjoy.

    While we may lose an institution in our town, we also gain options for our children.

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