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Rowdy Canucks irk Buffalo writer

Disillusioned by northern neighbors – Donn Esmonde – The Buffalo News.

It is a good thing that the World Junior hockey tournament did not last any longer. Another week, and we might have had a border war.

Even as it was, I think we saw a different side of the normally placid, polite, patient good neighbors we thought we knew. Buffalo was invaded by a sea of red. The tide has receded, leaving behind some hard feelings, shattered stereotypes and an aftertaste as bad as the backwash from a warm Molson.

Whatever happened to the polite, humble, rule-respecting folks we thought we knew? Where were the civic-minded citizens who dutifully wait at the street corner when the traffic light is red, even when no cars are coming? Wherever you are, we want you back.

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  1. shawn | Jan 10, 2011 | Reply

    Well we sure were not at a Buffalo Bills game that day watching all the American folk getting drunk, peeing in plain view of children, swearing a storm, fighting aznd becoming idiots. The reason we usually stop at red traffic lights is because we are used to American drivers thinkiung yhellow lights mean to speed up and there must be a five second rule for when it turns red that allows you to still go through the light. The only war that needs to take place is the one to get you to look in a mirror and make sure your own back yard is clean before spouting off at the mouth. Or perhpas the war against bigotry that you seem to have accomplished quite well. Why not question or comment on large events, afterall a jerk is a jerk if they write for some tabloid magazine or The Buffalo News.

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