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Ridgeway Herald March 5, 2011 available

The Town of Fort Erie is going to hike taxes by 3.2 per cent. You already know that. But you don’t know other stuff exclusively available in The Ridgeway Herald. Download it.110304 Ridgeway Herald

Such as:

OMB decision in detail

The Crystal Beach Gateway Project “will have a positive impact on the character of Crystal Beach as well as provide long-term benefti to the community,” according to the Ontario Municipal Board . . .

Steckley wants volunteers to shut up

“I would like them to be reminded . . . that they must respect the decisions and finality of council and that they must maintain a high degree of professionalism because that is definitely not happening out there.”

Steckley orchestrated own assault in 2008

Councillor Bob Steckley called an outpouring of opposition to council’s decision to repeal the Bay Beach project a “well-orchestrated assault” to intimidate members of council, yet he organized his own assault against council in 2008.

“We need to rally the troops and be very loud and publicly denounce this decision in the press and to council,” he wrote, among other things, in an email to leaders of the opposition against the Crystal Beach Gateway Project.

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