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Remarks baseless, Lubberts apologizes

Published Dec. 7, 2011 — Don Lubberts apologized Monday night for suggesting a week earlier that the town’s clerk and solicitor had falsified the Bay Beach zoning bylaw.

He told council during his apology speech that he was misinformed by Raymond Borja of the Ontario Municipal Board, leading to his assertion that the bylaw was invalid.

“I would like to apologize to Mayor Martin, Ms Kett (the clerk) and Ms Salter (the solicitor) and any other member of staff or council that felt they were insulted or embarrassed by my due diligence,” he said.

His “due diligence” was an email to Borja asking if the OMB had amended the bylaw. Since the answer was no, Lubberts wanted to know why references to the bylaw state “as amended” and why council was not aware of the amendments.

Salter explained a few times at the Nov. 28 meeting that council had authorized the amendments in September 2010 and the OMB approved the bylaw as amended in January 2011.

Lubberts did not accept Salter’s explanation and instead sided with Patty Murrett — the next door neighbour who spoke to council on Nov. 28 and said the bylaw was invalid because of the amendments.

Salter pointed out the amendments were made to satisfy concerns of the next door neighbours.

Town council held a private meeting the following Wednesday to discuss legal matters surrounding the site plan agreement.

In his statement Monday, Lubberts said he was urged at the meeting to make a public apology.

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