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Remains likely pioneers to area

Human remains found at Point Abino, Fort Erie, Ontario Aug. 10, 2010Human remains found at Point Abino are thought to be those of a pioneer family in the area.

Archaeologist Martin Cooper said the evidence indicates the remains are of European descent and there is no sign that they are part of a Native burial site.

Two skeletons were unearthed after workers discovered several bones Tuesday afternoon while excavating for a natural gas line on Point Abino Road south of Erie Road.

Cooper said the interment was indicative of a Christian burial with the bodies positioned in an east-west direction. Buttons and other artifacts that were found at the site will also provide more information.

The skeletons were found side by side: one was “disturbed” by the excavation, the other was reasonably intact.

Cooper estimates the age of one skeleton to be in the mid-30s, while the biological anthropologist estimates late 20s but has determined it is male and fairly healthy when he died.

It’s difficult to determine off-hand when he was buried but it’s possible to be as early as the 18th century.

Other archaeologists will determine if there are more graves that may be disturbed by the excavation along the road right of way.

The gas line will have to be installed elsewhere or the bodies will have to re-interred, Cooper told town officials who were at the scene Friday morning.

Efforts will also be made to learn the extent of the site and if it is part of a larger cemetery, but that would depend on what the property owner wants, he said.

The town has placed security guards to keep watch 24 hours a day and to help keep traffic flowing smoothly past the site.

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