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Province to allow ranked ballots in local elections

05ff0b6f798b306682a8954c7ed0aa2dThe province has introduced legislation to give municipalities the option to use ranked ballots to determine election results in which candidates don’t get a majority of votes.

Under the system, if no candidate receives 50 per cent plus one of the vote, the last place candidate is dropped and ranked votes distributed among the rest, and so on until a a winner is declared.

Source: Newsroom : Ontario to Introduce Ranked Ballot Option for Municipal Elections

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  1. Patty Mountain | Apr 5, 2016 | Reply

    Wow, do they really think this is a better system? Out of the whole province only 3400 submissions, doesn’t seem like a majority to me to make legislation. Sounds more like a waste of tax $’s and time. I think I need a better understanding of why they want to do this.

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