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Province funds NHS hospital planning

The province is providing the Niagara Health System with $26.2 million to plan a new hospital in South Niagara and two Urgent Care Centres, as proposed by Dr. Kevin Smith’s report on the future of health care in the Niagara region.

These sites are intended to replace five sites located in Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

This planning grant will support the early planning stages by defining the programs and services to be provided in order to meet local health care needs, and preparing plans for the size and site of the new hospital and Urgent Care Centres.

The government also announced that it is taking the NHS out of supervision in which Smith was appointed in August 2011 to oversee management of the hospital.

Smith will serve as CEO of the NHS in a management agreement with the St. Joseph’s Health System.

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  1. Preston Haskell | Jan 14, 2014 | Reply

    Could it be that there is a by-election coming up generating a need for the Liberals to once again buy our votes with the lure of $26 Million of our own money?

    Is someone in dire need of a map and compass or is this just another brilliant and imaginative case of NHS part two?

    The new centrally located General Hospital in St. Catharines, just north of the railway tracks and just south of Lake Ontario, is about to be joined by another so-called centrally located hospital mostly east of the first so-called central location!

    Worse, there is no direct highway to and from many of the south and west communities, which of course means longer transit time for ambulances.

    But, I guess that doesn’t matter as long as some get a new hospital in the northeast and to hell with the rest.

    To put this scenario into perspective we would simply ask; What would the sentiments have been had the new ‘central’ hospital currently located north of the tracks just west of St. Catharines had instead been built south of the tracks just west of Port Colborne?

    What would the sentiments be if the proposed new ‘central’ hospital slated for the city of Niagara falls at the extreme eastern boundary of the Niagara region were instead propose for the town of Wellandport near the western boundary of the Niagara Region?

    Click here for map:

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