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Point Abino Lighthouse closed for season

The 10-week season of limited public vewing access to the Point Abino Lighthouse on Lake Erie has been over since Sept. 3.

Don’t bother going out there, not even if you are a retired lady on a bicycle. You will be denied access by the gatekeeper who will tell you the road to it is on private property.

The Point Abino Association allows foot and bicycle traffic from June 21 to Labor Day for a few hours a day. Visitors must sign in, wear a visitor badge and be subject to summary refusal to enter.

Fort Erie town council spent $1.4 million dollars to refurbish the lighthouse. The closest public property from which it can be viewed is the Crystal Beach Waterfront Park. From there it looks like a tiny penis, smaller than a grain of rice held at arms length.

It’s not even big enough to be on a postage stamp.

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  1. henry windecker | Sep 11, 2013 | Reply

    Kudos to the citizens of Fort Erie for supporting the refurbishment of this historical landmark.

    Shame on our Council for not ensuring we can visit this historic landmark at any time.

    What a ridiculous situation, but one at which I am not surprised, given what I’ve seen from the officials in this town.

  2. joyce | Sep 12, 2013 | Reply

    Actually we visited the lighthouse this summer on bikes and I found the association gatekeeper rude and obnoxious. I actually phoned town hall and complained about it. Its public property but we’re treated like dirt. Please make access better for all the folks who aren’t behind the mighty gates!

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