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Garbage collection cancelled again »

Snowy weather has caused the cancellation of garbage and recycling collection for another day.

Today’s schedule has been bumped to tomorrow. Tomorrow’s regular schedule is bumped to Friday, while Friday’s collection is unaffected.

Crews will be working until 7 pm tomorrow and Friday.

Yesterday’s collection will be done on Saturday.

The Region reminds people not to set their garbage or recycling containers on snowbanks

Snow day for Region services, including garbage »

Today’s snowfall has caused the cancellation of garbage collection. Households affected will have their garbage collected Saturday.

Most Regional services and offices are closed, including child care centres, public health offices, Regional headquarters and long-term care homes.

Niagara transit services are operating but delays are expected.

Fort Erie Town buses are also cancelled, but there is no word about other services as of 9 a.m.


Heroin, coke, fentanyl, magic mushrooms seized in busts »

A Fort Erie man was arrested with more than five ounces of heroin at a St. Catharines convenience store early Tuesday leading to the seizure of cocaine, fentanyl patches and cash from a home and car.

Police valued the drugs at $72,000.

Lyle Gough, 28, is charged with various possession and trafficking offences as well as impaired driving.

Also on Tuesday, the NRP’s Emergency Tactical Unit swooped down on two rooms of a hotel in the Falls and arrested four people from Toronto with $30,000 worth of heroin, cocaine and magic mushrooms plus cash.

Charged are Joshua Isaac, Jamal Daye, Tanisha Nugent and Raheem Saunders, all in their early 20s.

Afternoon burglary Nigh/Ridge »

NRP are looking to solve a Sunday afternoon home burglary in the area of Ridge and Nigh Roads.

They say two suspects knocked on the front door, went around back, entered and escaped through a rear field to Ridge.

The crime took place between 2 and 4:30 p.m.

Call 905-871-2300 if you have info.

Pun and games at World Chess Championship »

Reigning king of chess, Magnus Carlsen, defends his title in the third round of the world championship in New York this afternoon.

Photo Agon, World Chess 2016

Photo Agon, World Chess 2016

The 12-game match is tied at two draws after games held Friday and Saturday.

The Norwegian grandmaster opened the match amusingly with an homage “a little bit,” he said, to the president-elect of the United States with a series of moves known as the Trompowsky Attack.

“If I had known how many questions I would have about it, I would have played something else,” the charismatic 26-year-old said in a post-game press conference.

This meme started making the internet rounds shortly after the start of the championship match.

This meme started making the internet rounds shortly after the start of the championship match.

The Trumpowsky is a solid opening but rarely seen at the highest level and was intended to surprise the Russian challenger.

Karjakin, also 26 but introverted and known for a very good repertoire of opening moves, responded quickly and well up to the sixth move.

After a ‘big think’, the Crimean-born challenger parried Carlsen’s attack with the white pieces well, and the two settled on a draw at move 42.

Switching sides of the board for round two, it was Karjakin’s turn to start, choosing the oldest, most thoroughly-analyzed opening called the Ruy Lopez.

Carlsen responded, not with an expected Berlin Defence (also known as the Berlin Wall), but with the Spanish Game. continued . . . »

Students help food bank on Halloween »

Residents of Ridgeway will be asked for canned food for the Salvation Army on Halloween.

Students of Niagara Christian Collegiate will be scaring up food as part of the Salvation Army’s Trick-or-Can initiative.

Although they will be dressed in costume, they will not be trick-or-treating but earning community service hours and hope to collect more than 500 pounds of goods.

The students will be collecting between 6:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. Monday.

Motorcyclist killed, two injured »

A motorcyclist was killed in a collision with a car in Crystal Beach Wednesday afternoon. Two others were seriously injured.

Niagara Regional Police say a 66-year-old male driver of a Honda Civic traveling westbound on Farr turned left at Elmwood in front of two motorcycles around 5:30 p.m.

The lead motorcycle struck the car and the 52-year-old male driver and a 33-year-old female passenger were thrown to the ground. The second motorcycle avoided the car but the male driver lost control and was also injured,

The driver of the lead motorcycle was pronounced dead at the hospital. The passenger and the second motorcyclist suffered serious injuries and are in stable condition. The driver of the car was uninjured.

Home invasion robbery in Ridgeway »

Police have arrested and charged one of four suspects in a home invasion robbery of an apartment near Gorham Road and Hibbard Street early this morning.

A 21—year-old Niagara Falls man, Anthony Caliguri-Adams, was charged after a search of the area with a dog. The others remain at large.

At least one of the culprits was armed with a weapon when the forced their way into the apartment. Police gave no description of the weapon.

The culprits and victims are known to each other, police said.

Fire destroys two cottages, damages two more »

A large fire destroyed two lakeside cottages and badly damaged two others in Crystal Beach on Erie Road between Schooley and Cherrywood this morning.

The fire was reported at approximately 3 a.m. and eventually required equipment and personnel from all six Fort Erie Fire Department stations.

It is not known if the buildings were occupied or if there are any injuries.

Smoke could be seen in Ridgeway.

Video by Jason Maracle.

Racetrack to try Saturday racing »

Fort Erie Race Track officials hope the success of Tuesday twilight racing can be repeated on Saturdays next August.

The Fort Erie Live Racing Consortium will apply for 40 days of racing in 2017 with Sunday afternoon cards replaced by Saturday twilight cards for one month and Saturday afternoon racing in September and October. continued . . . »