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OMB approves Bay Beach condos

The Ontario Municipal Board has dismissed the appeal against the Bay Beach condominium project.

The decision by presiding member Reid Rossi was released late Friday.

In his 54-page decision, Rossi ruled against every point brought forward by the group of appellants against the Town of Fort Erie and the Molinaro Group.

The zoning bylaw that allows the construction of the 12-story building is consistent with the Ontario Planning Act and associated policy statements, conforms to the stated goals of the Town’s official plan, addresses issues in the Town’s parks plan, adequately addresses removal of parking spaces, and is compatible with the adjacent community.

He also writes that no further environment impact statement is necessary.

Read the decision.BayBeachDecisionJa2811

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  1. Joanna Hudson | Feb 2, 2011 | Reply

    Sure like the people that buy the Condo’s on the lake will stay there year round I doubt it. You honestly think they will frequent restaraunts in the area in the dead of winter. tear down those old corrigated steel buildings, there are so many shacks and places for sale right now, build there. It’s political and we know who will be moving in. Not the locals. friends of the politicians you can bet on that. The public beach is overcrowded in the summer. Why did and who did let the beach land on either side of our little patch of public beach get bought up by the owners of properties on Erie Rd..I mean really lets take back the beach, sand and stop this insanity. People are coming to the beach more now than they used to since ’89 better get Douglas Memorial up and running properly if you think we are going to have such a boom or new residence YEAR ROUND.

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