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Nowhere to go but up … maybe

13/03/26 — Back in early 2012, sometime between the time when some town councillors were actively trying to get the Town sued for breach of contract with the Molinaro Group and the time the Town solicitor was wrongfully fired, a review of municipal operations was conducted.

David Berger of Western Management Consultants offered what can arguably be described as a stellar rating.

“This is a lean and mean municipality,” he said. There’s very little that needs to be done to improve efficiency. There’s a few organizational things that might help, but no big problems.

Well, not exactly no big problems. The one big problem was town council. And the march from excellence through mediocrity to plain awful has continued.

Doubtlessly, the way the merry band of four municipal vandals were railroading their skewed thinking through Town operations was a major cause for Harry Schlange “to take his toys and go home,” as Bob Steckley described his three colleagues who don’t see things his way.

The County of Huron went through an operations review at about the same time. The result of that was less than glowing. George Cuff spared little when he blasted councillors for micromanaging and building suspicion.

He was also critical of the organizational culture of infighting, turf building and other things.

When Fort Erie’s review was presented, John Hill said he was glad it didn’t “topple the apple cart.”

So what did Hill and Steckley, Paul Collard and Don Lubberts go and do? They set about to topple the apple cart.

Now, our stellar performers are gone, and the departures continue, and they — the four councillors — have found a way to mess up our town even more.

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