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No time wasted in breaking first promise

The Ridgeway Herald Front Page Dec. 15, 2010The smoke had hardly cleared from my keyboard, overheated from faithfully typing nearly word-for-word what town councillors said they were going to do, when most showed that words are cheap.

They said what you wanted to hear, and at the very first chance to put their words into action, they didn’t do what they said.

And what did you want to hear?

Paul Collard — “It’s important to meet and listen to the people I represent on council.”

John Hill — “You want a councillor that will listen to their concerns no matter how big or how small.”

Don Lubberts — “We must listen to the people.”

Stephen Passero — “I always listen to what people have to say.”

Listening was a major theme for most of the candidates in light of the Bay Beach issue on which Bob Steckley said in opposing the development that “we must listen to what the people say.”

To read the complete story, download The Ridgeway Herald in pdf format.

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