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Me so good. You so bad. – Richard Berry

Richard Berry spent an annoyingly long time baiting everybody masterfully during town council’s meeting Monday.

He had lots to say. Nothing had merit of course because it goes like this: “You’re all crooks. You’re all out to get me. I’m a hero.”

Anyway, nothing sums up Richard Berry better than this email he sent to members of council last March.

From:        Richard Berry <>
Date:        03/29/2010 01:57 AM
Subject:        Gutless Pieces of Crap

Here is the height of stupidity and you scam artists should be locked up and the key melted down so that you shall never get out of the rathole that are so deserving of ,you mf baglickers. it will be found out what you got out of this and you shall be spending the rest of your lives in jail or worse . I was on town council when the council of the day bowed to the overwhelming public pressure not to dispose of the bay beach properties.
You bunch of inbreds are a disgrace to the town that my family has been part of for over 100 years but that doesn’t mean f—k all to you sellouts, the majority of you skumbags and baglickers should be tarred and feathered or lynched as my grandfather would prefer to say. You sellouts should never be allowed to derive a decent living from the town that you so f—ked up, AND YOU SHALL NOT.
Of course that will not bother you because there will be a something that we will find out down the road that will put you jerks where you belong and that is where the rest of the rats and skum are THE DUMP.
You skummy f—ken sellouts will get what you deserve. R.Berry

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  1. Lori Dawn | Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    All I heard Berry say tonight as with any other night is wha wha wha, kinda like the teachers in the Peanuts movies….So pathetic, almost sad really. Someone needs to stop him from himself. Tonight was a real whine session on his part. does he not realize he was ousted 4 1/2 years ago because we were tired of the theatrics and selfserving crap.. what does any of this have to do with Ft. Erie? It is all personal vendettas and good for you Mr Mayor for keeping him in check.

  2. Ron Leggett | Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Hey Mike why did Richard spin around and call you an idoit mabee some truth in it.he was ousted because the others even the mayor on council could not handle the truth what was going on around there. Council needs 3 more Richard Berrys im not talking about replacing Steckley,Collard,Hill and Lubberts.You know who i mean. This underhanded way of doing things has to stop.Lots of truth in what Bill Brunton has to say.I don”t care for your attitude in there These two men know whats going on there i dont think you do.They are trying to help the taxpayers in this town.The famed mayor and former council members have been pissing away our money for years on stupid stuff.WAKE UP and give your head a shake. I know what was said i was there.Like i said before we need more Richard Berrys and Bill Bruntons.Just think about it for a moment or cant you think.

  3. Mike Cloutier | Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Yeah, you and Richard Berry know all about everything. Tell you what Ron, you want to listen to a couple years of Berry calling you out from a behind a council seat and then from a public lectern, then be my guest. You think that calling someone, his family and his people “garbage” is appropriate — to call people pukes, scumbags and bag lickers, then you’ve got a a serious problem. Richard Berry lost every ounce of credibility with me the second time I met him when he said he had videos of a town employee doing something wrong and never produced this video. Then the third time he explained in loving detail how he spied on another town employee, followed him in his car and chased him down Hwy 3. After that, I just stopped listening. Then he swings a croquet mallet around in council chambers and then goes on to forge town letterhead to write a letter to the U.S. Federal Highways Administration.

    Are these the actions of a man with a grasp on his faculties? Richard Berry’s only problem is he calls for the “truth”, he calls for “investigations”, and he got some. Now Berry is on a rampage against the town not because he cares about what happens, but because he didn’t get on the list for snowplowing. In fact, I understand that last year his grader broke down, failed to do his job and still submitted an invoice for snowplowing.

  4. Mike V | Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    “Some truth” no, sorry man, I cannot agree nor let that one just slip by today. Not with all of the name calling going on as of late. If we’re going to throw around insults, then please, let’s use some proper insults. Idiot is not something I believe you can call Mike. All you need do is read this site and you will clearly see there is some good intellect behind his writing. He, like all of us, has his own OPINION, but a differing opinion does not an idiot make. And I will say my opinion differs often with Mike’s but again, that has nothing to do with one being an idiot.

    Idiot – Wiki
    An idiot, dolt, or dullard is a mentally deficient person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way.

    I barely know Mike, but the conversation I have had does not fit that definition.

    Why did Rich spin around? … LOL My guess? I’d bet Mike baited Rich and Rich swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Sorry man you’re calling the wrong guy an idiot. Reread that definition. Call Mike a sht disturber, fine, but come on, idiot?

    Here’s what pisses me off today. MORE USELESS NAME CALLING is what is dominating our Monday night Council meeting, Facebook and every other local blog and media outlet? I jumped online to find out what happened last night and no one seemed to care about reporting anything other than Berry making an idiot out of himself? Sorry Mike, but I am sure SOMETHING worth reporting other than Berry has some form of actual news merit today.

    And Ron, please do not get me wrong. I personally share your clear distaste for Martin. I don’t like that he’s the mayor either, but there need be some respect given to the position whether we like him or not.

    Have we all forgotten that the entire next generation is watching us here?
    LOL then we wonder why they are out of control…

    These meetings and the antics used at them are more of a disgrace to our town, it’s name, it’s reputation than possibly repealing any zoning by-law.

    “This underhanded way of doing things has to stop.” WELL DAMN we agree again Ron but I can’t personally produce facts and that is what a court of law will need. If you’re sitting on some facts, then act on them.

    “These two men know what’s going on.” I keep hearing this. I keep waiting for the facts to appear? Where the F are they? Give them to me, I’ll go to out of town media with them. If Berry and Brunton are so loaded with concrete facts then what’s the problem? Simply stating that, you’re putting quite a burden on them and yourself…

    I hear lots of people talking about the corruption. I’m not saying it don’t exist, it’s politics I would bet it does, but again, without facts???? I think they call that here-say?

    We can stand and point and make all the accusations we want. In the end, without proof, you’re pointing one finger, and we all know the proverb about where the other 3 are pointing…

    The clock is ticking… There is NO turning it back. Every second wasted with this sort of nonsense cannot be relived. I am growing very concerned for our town.

    If we keep wasting the time of our Councilors with this spoiled, child-like behaviour, WHERE do we expect they will find the time to put into good decision making on our behalf?

  5. Martha Lockwood | Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    As one whom that tirade of last Spring was addressed to I can’t believe anyone thought Berry served his community. He only criticized with no alternative plan to better the town. He rarely if ever attended a Ridgeway BIA meeting. He went several weeks (I think six) without attending a council meeting because he got into some kind of hot water and stayed home and pouted like a four year old. He likes people until they disagree with him and then he attacks their character and honesty.
    Richard is to be pitied. He is a bitter, angry man who had been marginalized and can’t stand that his following is dwindling. I honestly feel sorry for him.

  6. Mike Cloutier | Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    You wouldn’t have to go to out of town media. I spend a lot of time sniffing out crap, and when I find it, I print it. Berry said he had the crap 20 years ago: he still hasn’t provided it. Instead, all that comes out is his pile of crap. I’m in this business to sell newspapers. Can you imagine how many papers I’d sell if any of this so-called “truth” were actually true? Tons. I’d be rich. I’d win prizes, be the toast of the lecture circuit. I could write my ticket to anywhere. Believe you me, it takes a lot more than mere allegations.

  7. Sarah | Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Ok so I may be new to all of this, can someone tell me how long Mr Berry served on council? When did his last term end and for which ward? I personally have not ever spoke to the man myself although have been witness to some of his recent behavior, its hard to believe that someone that has shown such behavior was ever elected to make decisions for this town. A scary thought to me. I think to say we need more people like Mr. Berry on council is ridiculous…..what type of future would that be for young people like myself and especially my children. Displays of physical violence, name calling and cursing are three examples of what parents are constantly trying to teach their children not to do when in conflict. How can the young people of this town ever learn what is acceptable behavior when we have adults (and not only Mr.Berry) doing such things. What a disgrace!

  8. Mike Cloutier | Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Richard Berry was elected in 1994 in Ward 4, representing the area that stretches roughly from Rosehill Road to Gorham Road, south to about Rebstock Road and north to Garrison Road. He won because after he failed to perform ditching contracts, he was canned but he successfully convinced people that the Town was out to get him because he was outspoken. To help in his election campaign, he publicized a letter from three senior staff telling him that if he continued slandering them at meetings, they would sue. I published that letter. That was before I came to understand Richard Berry. I took a lengthy hiatus from publishing and in 2005 resumed, fully documenting his bully-boy antics, his fraudulent activities and his general boorishness that seemed to have escaped the notice of the other papers. In council meetings, he called it “The Ridgeway Rag by that idiot so-called editor.” He was defeated in the 2006 election.

  9. Riko | Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    I was saddened when Richard Berry dropped out of the 2010 elections due to a “stroke” he magically suffered from. I believe he stated that if he continued the election, it would kill him! I thought, why quit now Mr Berry, we don’t know for sure if it will kill you! Oh well, the inbred redneck dropped out.

    I will say however, that if Mr Berry did in fact suffer a stroke as he stated, I would believe that he would need to let the Department of Transportation know that information. He’s required to have a DZ license to drive Graders. I doubt he even has the proper license to drive them any more.

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