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Lighthouse may bump other projects

The Ridgeway Herald special web release May 19, 2011 edition

Town council’s willingness to undertake restoration of the Point Abino Lighthouse may delay projects planned to rehabilitate and upgrade other municipal facilities.

exclusiveAfter the federal grant, reserves dedicated to restoration and the sale of the dwelling, the Town needs to fund $371,000 that had originally been slated for other projects over the next five years unless council is willing to increase taxes by another 1.8 per cent, not including other anticipated increases.

The total estimated value of these projects is nearly $2.5 million.

The projects in the current five-year capital forecast for municipal facilities are:


Crystal Ridge arena roof, $100,000, Crystal Ridge Library roof, $35,000, Stevensville Hall accessible entrance, $25,000, Crystal Ridge arena condenser replacement, $75,000, Crystal Ridge arena header pipe replacement, $25,000, Station 6 mechanical replacement, $50,000, Leisureplex floor scrubber replacement, $20,000, Leisureplex refrigeration plant piping, $32,000, Town Hall boiler replacement, $35,000, boat ramp parking machine, $19,000.


Crystal Ridge arena accessible entrance, $28,000, Crystal Ridge arena heater replacement, $75,000, Crystal Ridge arena Lighting upgrade, $55,000, Gibson Centre mechanical replacement, $80,000, Leisureplex HVAC replacement $50,000, Stevensville Hall kitchen equipment replacement, $40,000, Town Hall mechanical replacement, $150,000.


Crystal Ridge arena asbestos abatement, $40,000, Stevensville Hall brick facade repair, $35,000, Crystal Ridge arena dehumidification replacement, $75,000, Gibson Centre lighting upgrade, $40,000, Leisureplex compressor replacement, $100,000, Leisureplex condenser replacement, $90,000, Leisureplex heat exchanger rebuild, $35,000, Leisureplex HVAC replacement, tennis court resurfacing, $35,000.


Gibson Centre sand/salt dome roof replacement, $65,000, Crystal Ridge arena floor scrubber replacement, $20,000, Gibson Centre fuel pump replacement, $60,000, Gibson Centre vehicle hoist replacement, $95,000, Leisureplex compressor replacement, $135,000, Leisureplex lighting upgrade, $125,000, Municipal Centre campus concrete repairs, $20,000,


Stevensville Hall flat roof replacement, $35,000, Stevensville Hall metal facade replacement, $35,000, Centennial Library HVAC replacement, $50,000, Stevensville Hall asphalt replacement, $300,000, YMCA parking lot asphalt overlay, $150,000.

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