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Did they live up to promises?

Aug2014 cover 9Today’s edition marks the start of municipal election coverage with a review of what councillors said they were going to do when they asked you to vote for them.

 [Originally published Aug. 16, 2014]

The chamber of commerce hosted two candidates’ debates shortly before the election in 2010 in which they all had a chance to make speeches and answer questions.

In December 2010 after the new council held its first business meeting (as opposed to the largely ceremonial inaugural meeting), The Ridgeway Herald published practically verbatim what they said in the debates.

[You can download the complete package here.]

The purpose was to provide the background against which the councillors would be evaluated over their four-year term.

. . . continued

With so many more readers now, it seems important that their words be repeated so a complete picture can be painted over the next couple of months leading up to election day on Oct. 27.

The stories in today’s paper are exactly as they appeared on Dec. 15, 2010.

The speeches they made are especially important because the councillors had prepared them in advance. Unfettered by any distraction except, perhaps, nervousness in public speaking, they presented as best as they could who they were, what they thought, and how they would manage public affairs.

They have had nearly four years now to show what they told us, and for some, the show does not match the tell.

Interestingly, the first business meeting featured two of the issues which have most nagged this council: the operations review and the relationship with the EDTC.

Other issues have nagged this council, too, and still others have gone by without notice.

If you have been following town council, you can judge for yourselves how well they have lived up to what they promised.

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  1. Doris Emerson | Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

    Never worked as a team. voted in a bloc, prevent ed growth, pleas went on deaf ears etc. Those who continually voted 4/3 don;t deserve another term-now or ever!! Fort Erie need change. Vote wisely-don’t be bought.

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