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Council gives BIA member the boot

Fort Erie town council kicked an outspoken critic of council off the board of management of the Bridgeburg Station Business Improvement Area.

Peter Koutroulakis was removed in a registered vote following a closed door session Monday night.

The motion was put forward by councillor Bob Steckley and supported by Paul Collard, John Hill and Don Lubberts.

The reason cited when council rose into open session was “conduct unbecoming a member of a town board or committee.”

Koutroulakis had used his Facebook account to harshly criticize town councillors over the Bay Beach condominium project — which he had openly supported — plus other issues and candidates in the municipal election, including mayoral candidate Ann-Marie Noyes.

Koutroulakis also testified at the Ontario Municipal Board hearing to speak in favour of the project.

At a council meeting in February, Steckley said he wanted members of various boards to be reminded that they “must respect the decisions and finality of council and that they must maintain a high degree of professionalism.”

Councillor Stephen Passero said after Monday’s meeting that he took that message to a BIA meeting.

Steckley said in the meeting that Koutroulakis had been warned and he hadn’t “heeded that warning.”

Koutroulakis said Steckley openly complained about Koutroulakis at the financial institution he uses, the Royal Bank on Jarvis Street, last Thursday, saying that Koutroulakis was ruining his own business by speaking out openly about the conduct of councillors.

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  1. Sarah | Mar 29, 2011 | Reply

    This sends a fine message to the community.

    If you care about the community to be involved in an organization such as the BIA, then excel in participating in that organization so much as to be appointed to the board by council, are you to give up your right to personal opinion and turn your back on the activities of council?

    Are you, as a business owner, to just sit back and bite your tongue, while you observe actions by council that may/will result in harm to your community, business ….. family.

    The answer is a RESOUNDING …… NO !!!

    Not if you care about your community rather than an exclusive few.

    It is not surprising who voted in favour of this decision.

    A political fervor has encompassed this town for a number of years through a rogue blog. EXTREME accusations were made against previous council members. Now that the SELECTED councillors are elected, they perform with the same attitude instilled in them.

    Did the previous council act in a way that this current council does with respect to such issues. NO ….. they were mature.

    Believe you me, that there is an increasing number of people coming out of the woodwork that are fed up with antics of this current council though their term has only been a few short months so far.

    They are not prepared to endure another three and a half years of this.

    People are becoming outspoken. Some have paid a price by being kicked off of a board that they served the community through. Others yet will feel the wrath of this council. Why …. because they express THEIR opinion.

    Yes ….. this council’s message is crystal ( pun intended) clear …….


    This current council is disgusting!!!!

  2. Lori Dawn Antaya | Mar 29, 2011 | Reply

    I could not have said it any better myself Sarah. What a disgusting display. Peter has done more for Bridgeburg than anybody else and is right to bring out in the open the disgusting behavior of some of the current and former town councillors. You go Peter!

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