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Condo plan gets grudging nod

Bay Beach condo terrace

The dashed line within the red shaded box shows the extent of the offending terrace balcony that town councillors want removed as a condition of site plan approval.

Subject to the Molinaro Group removing part of a second-story terrace on the west side of the building, Fort Erie town council approved the site plan agreement for the Crystal Beach/Bay Beach condominium project Monday night.

Councillor Don Lubberts wants a section of the second floor balcony that acts as a canopy for the south facing lower patio removed.

John Hill, Paul Collard and Rick Shular also supported the amendment.

Whether it’s an acceptable condition is not known.

Consulting planner Ed Fothergill was the only only speaker for Molinaro at the meeting, and he said he could not answer for his client.

Vince and Rob Molinaro, along with their architect, engineer and others, had attended last week when the site plan was deferred for a week after a few hours of discussion. They didn’t come back for another round.

Fothergill told  council that if the site plan did not pass “tonight,”  Molinaro would appeal to the Ontario Muncipal Board.

Removal of the terrace and a pair of “arcade columns” that hold it up would make next door neighbours Jack Murrett and his wife Patty Nowak “a little” happier, Murrett told council.

Neighbours to the east — a large community of toads — are quite thrilled. Opponents croaked when the site plan won the vote.

In another long and convoluted session . . . see The Ridgeway Herald next week.

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