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Complete capital expenditures for 2013

13/01/14 — The following is a complete list of budgeted capital expenditures for the Town of Fort Erie in 2013. It is subject to final approval in February.

Items are organized by functional area and includes the budgeted cost and the funding sources if not from taxpayer funded reserves. If no source is indicated, the full amount is from reserves.

Fleet  – $380,000

  • Fire department minivan, $26,00; parks and cemeteries dump truck, $65,000; parks tractor, $36,000; parks lawnmower, $28,000; snowplow/sander, $225,000.

Corporate services – $98,500

  • Photocopier replacement, $25,000; folder/inserter and mailing machine, $28,000; technology equipment replacement, $45,000 – replace 22 desktop and laptop computers.

Community planning and development – $315,000

  • Douglastown footpath replacement, $25,000 – build asphalt path leading to Shagbark Bridge.
  • Neighbourhood park enhancements, $25,000 ($5,625, development charges) – replace deteriorating park furniture (60%) and install high-capacity underground garbage cans at beach parks (40%).
  • Playground equipment replacement at Madeline Faiazza Park, $60,000 ($16,200, development charges).
  • Oakes Park ball diamond improvements, $25,000.
  • Optimist Park soccer field lights and irrigation, $500,000 (28,350, development charges; $165,000 federal grant, $75,000 donation from soccer club).
  • Interpretative signage at Ridgeway Battlefield Park, $21,000.

Fire department – $50,000

  • Replace bunker gear, $40,000; replace firefighter pagers, $10,000.

Infrastructure services
Multi-component projects – $2,915,000 These are projects with any combination of roads, water, sewer or drainage works as follows:

  • Catherine Street phase 1, $120,000 – design of sewer, storm, water and road works from Central Avenue to Niagara Boulevard. Construction planned for 2016 with total cost of $2.62 million.
  • Catherine Street phase 2, $50,000 – design of sewer, storm, water and road works from Concession Road to Central Avenue. Construction planned for 2016 with total cost of $2.38 million.
  • Central Avenue bridge replacement, $45,000 (sewer reserve) – design of replacement of watermain attached to bridge and design of sewer works at each end of the bridge which the Region plans to rebuild in 2014. Construction in 2014 for a total cost of $755,000.
  • High Street service improvements, $1.42 million ($520,000 federal gas tax grant) – reconstruct road, sewer and storm works between Bertie Street and Queen Street.
  • Highland/Farr watermain replacement, $150,000 (water reserve).
  • Thunder Bay storm drainage phase 4, $785,000 ($400,000, development charges; $286,650, federal gas tax grant). Build storm trunk sewer on Cook Avenue from Riselay Avenue to Thunder Bay Road.
  • Thunder Bay storm drainage phase 3, $35,000 – design storm sewer on Bernard Avenue from Riselay Avenue to Thunder Bay Road. Construction planned for 2014 with total cost of $765,000.
  • Warren/Lewis service improvements – $310,000. Expansion of scope of previously approved Warren Street sewer/storm/road project to include storm and sanitary sewer replacement on connecting Lewis Street. Total cost of project is $1.36 million ($180,000, storm reserve; $405,000, sewer reserve; $687,000, federal gas tax grant; $75,000 road reserve).

Roads – $426,000

  • Prospect Point Road phase 1, $26,000 ($13,260, development charges) – additional allocation of Town’s share of road upgrade to urban standards undertaken by developer on Prospect Point Road between Thunder Bay Road and Rochelle Crescent. Total Town contribution $147,000.
  • Town-wide road resurfacing, $400,000. Locations to be determined.
  • Bridges and culverts – $300,000
  • Design, $40,000 – repair or replacement of four bridges and culverts on Holloway Bay Road, Winger Road, Ott Road, Thunder Bay Road and Centralia Avenue. Construction planned for 2014 at a cost of $340,000.
  • Construction, $300,000 – replacement of two bridges on Matthews Road and Bertie Street. Construction funded by federal gas tax grant.

Sidewalks – $351,850

  • Garrison Road, $5,000 – design of new sections of sidewalk on Garrison Road between Daytona Drive and Kraft Road.
  • Buffalo Road, $146,850 ($73,430, development charges) – design and construction of new sidewalk from Dominion Road to Garrison Road.
  • Sidewalk rehabilitation, $200,000 – repair and replacement of 2,300 metres of sidewalk of the Town’s inventory of 134 kilometres.

Transit – $55,000 to purchase new van for specialized transit service.

Storm sewers – $400,000

  • Bertie Bay drainage improvements, $350,000 ($350,000 from gas tax grant) – construction of ditch on Bertie Bay Road from near Nigh Road to Macdonald Drive and expansion of culvert at Dominion Road.
  • Catch basin replacement, $50,000 – replacement of 15 failing catch basins particularly in Crystal Beach and the former Bertie Township.

Municipal drains – $1.042 million

  • Beaver Creek south branch petition, $10,000 ($5,000, landowner contributions) – design of municipal drain for watercourse west and north of Ridgeway from Cherryhill Boulevard and Michener Road to Gilmore Road between Stevensville Road and Winger Road. Additional allocation to address environmental and landowner concerns. Construction planned for 2014 at a cost of $404,000 including previous years’ contributions.
  • Beaver Creek municipal drain, $250,000 ($125,000 landowner contributions) – additional funds necessary for engineering, some construction and monitoring of species at risk, including grass pickerel and turtles.
  • Frenchman’s Creek municipal drain, $40,000 – design of rehabilitation of drain from east of Ridgemount Quarries to Sunset Road with construction planned for 2015 at a total cost of $100,000.
  • Glenny municipal drain, $45,000 ($45,000 from landowner contributions) – engineer’s report to address environmental issues in new legislation. Construction planned for 2017 at a total cost of $390,000.
  • House Road drainage petition, $200,000 ($100,000 landowner contributions) – construction on an existing watercourse that will become a municipal drain at a total cost of $233,000 including previous years’ contributions.
  • Marsh municipal drain, $15,000 ($15,000 landowner contributions) – prepare report to determine landowner apportionment of drain which crosses into Port Colborne.
  • Miller municipal drain, $90,000 ($90,000 landowner contribution) – design and engineer’s report to rehabilitate drain last completed in 1943. Construction planned for 2015 for total cost of $480,000.
  • Schill municipal drain, $25,000 ($25,000 landowner contributions) – expanded engineer’s report of project initiated by City of Port Colborne. Construction planned for 2015 for total cost of $200,000.
  • St. John’s Marsh municipal drain, $55,000 ($45,000 landowner contributions) – design and engineer’s report for drain between Point Abino Road and House Road that extends into Niagara Falls. Construction planned for 2016 for total cost of $110,000.
  • Stonemill and Nigh Road area petition, $300,000 ($150,000 landowner contributions) – construction to alleviate flooding and driveway washouts.
  • Winger municipal drain, $12,000 – to cover increase in construction cost of project completed in 2012.

Sanitary sewers – $1.4 million.

  • Lewis Street sanitary sewer, $1.4 million – to replace 100-year-old failing sewer from Bowden Street to Niagara Boulevard to be constructed prior to replacement of Central Avenue bridge in 2014.

Water – $533,000

  • Belleview Boulevard watermain, $30,000 ($30,000 water reserve) – design of watermain to replace cast iron pipe between Hibbard Street and Summit Avenue which breaks frequently. Construction planned for 2014 for total cost of $300,000.
  • Hershey Street watermain, $8,000 ($8,000 water reserve) – design to replace cast iron watermain to provide more capacity for water services and fire hydrants. Construction planned for 2014 for total cost of $50,000.
  • Matthewson Avenue watermain, $28,000 (water reserve) – design for watermain to replace cast iron pipe which frequently breaks. Construction planned for 2014 for total cost of $287,000.
  • Spears Road watermain transfer, $70,000 (water reserve) – construction to switch services and hydrants from an old cast iron pipe to a former Regional feeder main which was downloaded to the Town in 2008.
  • Water meter replacement, $400,000 (water reserve) – continued program to replace aging residential and commercial water meters with radio transmitting meters. Approximately 1,000 of the Town’s 12,000 meters will be replaced this year.

Facilities – $352,000

  • Crystal Ridge Arena accessible entrance, $16,000 – replace doors with motion-activated sliding doors.
  • Leisureplex carpet replacement, $26,000 – replace worn carpets that are trip hazards in main office, pub common area and skybox.
  • Stevensville Hall metal replacement, $35,000 – replace eavestroughs and repair soffit, facia and eaves.
  • Stevensville Hall roof replacement, $45,000 – sloped roof to be reshingled, vents added and skylight replaced.
  • Crystal Ridge Arena heater replacement, $45,000 – six gas-fired radiant tube heaters and two hot water, forced air heaters to be replaced with more efficient units.
  • Crystal Ridge Arena floor scrubber, $12,000 – replace 12-year-old scrubber that is used daily.
  • Gibson Centre lighting upgrade, $40,000 – all interior and some exterior lights replaced with more efficient fixtures. Components of some existing fixtures are no longer available for purchase.
  • Gibson Centre mechanical replacements, $40,000 – replace two air units which supply the storage and service area of the building with heated fresh air.
  • Leisureplex condenser rehabilitation, $18,000 – evaporative condenser will be overhauled to extend life up to 10 years to defer replacement.
  • Leisureplex heat exchanger rebuild, $35,000 – replace gaskets in two heat exchangers in refrigeration plant.
  • Leisureplex refrigeration plant piping, $25,000 – reconfigure refrigerant piping to allow twin rinks to operate more efficiently and independently.
  • Accessibility upgrades, $15,000 – construct washroom at Ferndale Park that complies with the Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Cost sharing grants to be determined.

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