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Did they live up to promises? »

Today’s edition marks the start of municipal election coverage with a review of what councillors said they were going to do when they asked you to vote for them.  [Originally published Aug. 16, 2014] The chamber of commerce hosted two candidates’ debates shortly before the election in 2010 in which they all had a chance […]

Councillors expose their hypocrisy . . . again »

Town councillors restated their commitment to the often heard refrain of transparency and accountability — and underscored their own hypocrisy. [Originally published July 29, 2014]

Mysterious Mr. Hill ‘won’t back down’ »

People should be allowed to keep elements of their past “secret,” said councillor John Hill, even if they are elected to public office. [Originally published May 13, 2014] Hill continues to refuse to divulge specific information about his purported 30-year career in “management in the automotive industry,” as he described it during the 2010 election. […]

Can’t trust council, builder wants out »

The developer who bought the Town-owned land beside the new Village Square doesn’t want anything to do with town council and wants to sell. [Originally published March 15, 2014] Rainier Hummel, president of Sleek Developments Inc., who purchased the land for $100,000 last year, informed council of his decision in a strongly-worded letter to town […]

2014 budget in detail »

The Town portion of property tax bills will increase by 3.88 per cent, but the overall increase will be moderated by smaller increases in the Regional and educational components. [Originally published Feb. 10, 2014] The overall increase on the tax bill for a household assessed at the median average of $175,000 will be less, although […]

Town gets lucky on water rates »

Thanks to a million dollar reduction in Regional treatment charges, residential water customers in Fort Erie will see no increase on their water bills in 2014. [Originally published Jan. 7, 2014] While the base rate is knocked down a little, the volumetric rate is notched up to even out the saving for the average household […]

Cost to fire lawyer: $435K and counting »

Those of you who are concerned about wasteful spending by our municipal leaders will be glad to know that Heather Salter is finally off the payroll. [Originally published Nov. 18, 2013] Salter hasn’t been employed by the Town of Fort Erie since April 16, 2012 at 4 p.m. when she was fired from her job […]

Three strikes and still swinging »

One could have been forgiven for thinking the comedy of errors that was the search for a chief administrative officer was finally over when, by a 4-3 vote, councillors chose Larry Adams in March. [Originally published Oct. 20, 2013] Like most major discretionary decisions by this council, it was controversial and divisive. And it ultimately […]

Hey Tom, ever been to Fort Erie? »

Fort Erie? My head still hurts when I hear that word. (in the key of Eh) On election day the people say you gotta vote for someone who ain’t a twit and has a bit of common sense inside ’em. The morons on the council though there ain’t a thing that they know ’bout the […]

Election audits skewer candidates »

No one escaped unscathed from compliance audits of 2010 municipal election campaign finances in the Town of Fort Erie. Five members of council plus an unelected candidate were found to have contravened a handful of regulations in the Municipal Elections Act. They are illustrative of carelessness, sloppiness, confusion and ignorance. However, the auditor also noted […]