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Did they live up to promises? »

Today’s edition marks the start of municipal election coverage with a review of what councillors said they were going to do when they asked you to vote for them.  [Originally published Aug. 16, 2014] The chamber of commerce hosted two candidates’ debates shortly before the election in 2010 in which they all had a chance […]

Councillors expose their hypocrisy . . . again »

Town councillors restated their commitment to the often heard refrain of transparency and accountability — and underscored their own hypocrisy. [Originally published July 29, 2014]

Mysterious Mr. Hill ‘won’t back down’ »

People should be allowed to keep elements of their past “secret,” said councillor John Hill, even if they are elected to public office. [Originally published May 13, 2014] Hill continues to refuse to divulge specific information about his purported 30-year career in “management in the automotive industry,” as he described it during the 2010 election. […]

Peace Bridge to get new deck »

A series of construction projects valued at $155 million will culminate in the re-decking of the Peace Bridge in four years’ time. [Originally published April 17, 2014] Ron Rienas, general manager of the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority, told Town council Monday the projects will be funded from cash on hand, toll revenue, […]

Can’t trust council, builder wants out »

The developer who bought the Town-owned land beside the new Village Square doesn’t want anything to do with town council and wants to sell. [Originally published March 15, 2014] Rainier Hummel, president of Sleek Developments Inc., who purchased the land for $100,000 last year, informed council of his decision in a strongly-worded letter to town […]

2014 budget in detail »

The Town portion of property tax bills will increase by 3.88 per cent, but the overall increase will be moderated by smaller increases in the Regional and educational components. [Originally published Feb. 10, 2014] The overall increase on the tax bill for a household assessed at the median average of $175,000 will be less, although […]

Town gets lucky on water rates »

Thanks to a million dollar reduction in Regional treatment charges, residential water customers in Fort Erie will see no increase on their water bills in 2014. [Originally published Jan. 7, 2014] While the base rate is knocked down a little, the volumetric rate is notched up to even out the saving for the average household […]

Cost to fire lawyer: $435K and counting »

Those of you who are concerned about wasteful spending by our municipal leaders will be glad to know that Heather Salter is finally off the payroll. [Originally published Nov. 18, 2013] Salter hasn’t been employed by the Town of Fort Erie since April 16, 2012 at 4 p.m. when she was fired from her job […]

Three strikes and still swinging »

One could have been forgiven for thinking the comedy of errors that was the search for a chief administrative officer was finally over when, by a 4-3 vote, councillors chose Larry Adams in March. [Originally published Oct. 20, 2013] Like most major discretionary decisions by this council, it was controversial and divisive. And it ultimately […]

There’s truth and then there’s truth »

The majority of decisions of council are unanimous, not 4-3 votes. That’s a fact. It’s what councillor John Hill told the museum board as recorded in the minutes of the Jan. 21 meeting. I did not attend that meeting, but I did attend the January meeting of the Ridgeway Business Improvement Area at which he […]