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Condo fighter strikes out again »

A second attempt to overturn the Ontario Municipal Board approval of the Bay Beach condo project was rejected last week. Board chairman Lynda Tanaka refused Patricia Nowak Murrett’s request to review the OMB decision from last January. She wrote that the request was made well beyond the 30-day limit and rejected Murrett’s claim that she […]

Condo plan gets grudging nod »

Subject to the Molinaro Group removing part of a second-story terrace on the west side of the building, Fort Erie town council approved the site plan agreement for the Crystal Beach/Bay Beach condominium project Monday night. Councillor Don Lubberts wants a section of the second floor balcony that acts as a canopy for the south […]

Judge dismisses Bay Beach appeal »

The Bay Beach condominium project cleared another legal hurdle when a superior court justice today dismissed the appeal of the Ontario Municipal Board decision.

Registered vote, please »

If Paul Collard’s motion tonight is not withdrawn, the only thing I want is a registered vote so that this goes down in detail on the Town’s permanent record.

Steckley’s conduct ‘unbecoming’ a councillor »

The Ridgeway Herald special web release from April 29, 2011 edition By Mike Cloutier “I find it interesting that when things change, the discussion changes,” said Bob Steckley Tuesday as he argued to eviscerate the Town’s position in a lawsuit filed by some disaffected property owners who don’t like the Bay Beach condominium deal. Basically, […]

Don’t hire lawyer for lawsuit, says Collard »

The Ridgeway Herald special web release from April 29, 2011 edition Councillor Paul Collard started another furball about lawyers April 26 when he tried to forward a motion that the Town of Fort Erie not hire an outside lawyer to defend the lawsuit aimed at stopping the Bay Beach condominium project with the Molinaro Group. […]

Steckley ordered anti-condo assault in ’08 »

The Ridgeway Herald special web release Councillor Bob Steckley says a “well-orchestrated assault” took place at the Fort Erie town council meeting of Feb. 22 when many people registered their complaints against council’s decision to repeal the Bay Beach zoning amendment. He said they were chosen to speak to try to scare one of the […]

Condo fighters dig deep for candidates »

The Ridgeway Herald special web release The Fort Erie Waterfront Preservation Association contributed the most amount of money to candidates in the municipal election. The non-profit corporation which was established to oppose the Bay Beach condominium project donated $1,600 to three candidates. Ann-Marie Noyes received $650 for her unsuccessful mayoral bid. John Hill and Paul […]

Councillors ignore $20K legal advice on condo »

The Ridgeway Herald special web release Not even the opinion of an independent legal professional at a cost of $17,000 plus disbursements could sway three Fort Erie town councillors from their determination to stop the Bay Beach condominium project. After a four-hour closed door session March 21, Bob Steckley surrendered while John Hill, Don Lubberts […]

Lawyer predicted years of litigation »

The Ridgeway Herald special web release Fort Erie Town council sought an independent third-party legal opinion to try to find a way to get out of the deal with the Molinaro Group to build the Crystal Beach Gateway Project. John Mascarin of the Toronto law firm of Aird and Berlis prepared a 30-page document that […]