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Archive: When is a deal not a deal? »

When Berry, Lewis and Noyes get their way Originally published May 25, 2006 A deal is not a deal — especially with two town councillors absent. With Ric Shular and Rick Gorham otherwise engaged, the forces of nonsense gleefully tripped over themselves to defeat the principle of abiding by a contract. Signed, sealed and delivered […]

Archive: ‘Berry Budget’ a self-indulgent sideshow »

Originally published March 22, 2006 Richard Berry came down from the mountain to deliver his 12 Amendments — the annual budget sideshow where he proves he is unable to deliver on his promises. As perhaps Cecil B. DeMille might have said to Charlton Heston during filming of his cinematic epic, “One more time for the […]

Archive: Town increases tax relief from slots »

Originally published March 2006 Everybody in Fort Erie should head down to one of the local gaming establishments and personally thank all the slots and bingo players. Since 1999, they have been subsidizing local taxes to an incredible degree. This year they will knock five per cent directly off the local portion of the tax […]

Archive: Amorphous principles of the dictator »

Originally published Feb17,  2006 “Do as I say, not as I do,” is the message Coun. Richard Berry presents to the good citizens of Fort Erie. That’s what a dictator does. He dictates law. But when the law gets in his way, he ignores it. Louis XIV, one of the later King’s of France, said, […]

Archive: Delta Done — bingo hall closes »

Originally published Feb 17, 2006 The last dab at Delta Bingo Centre will take place Feb. 22 as a province-wide decline in bingo revenues claims the local hall as one of its victims. In the space of a year, nearly one-quarter of the bingo halls in Ontario have closed.

Archive: Wang dang, it’s Harry Schlange »

Originally published Jan. 2006 It looks like we’re going to have Harry Schlange to kick around after all. Schlange (rhymes with clang) resumes his job as big kahuna at Town Hall Feb. 13 after a few months absence for employment in the private sector.

Archive: Berry forges Town letterhead »

Originally published Jan 25, 2006 Richard Berry doctored up official town hall letterhead to write a letter to the U.S. Federal Highways Administration to discredit the Peace Bridge expansion project. With the Town’s corporate logo tucked in the top left corner, the letter bearing his signature and dated Jan. 3 was sent by councillor Richard […]

Archive: Bridge permit denial affirmed »

Originally published Dec. 15, 2005

Archive: Lewis refuses to acknowledge conflict »

Originally published Nov. 25, 2005 Councillor Tom Lewis was called to account for his conflict of interest in discussions of the Bridgeburg Neighbourhood Plan Monday night.

Archive: Irregularities threaten bingo licence »

Originally published Nov. 25, 2005 The Fort Erie Native Centre may lose its bingo licence unless another board election is held by Dec. 17.