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Wheels come off Fort Erie transit »

Nothing so accurately, simply and readily illustrates Fort Erie Transit as does the Town of Fort Erie’s own logo for the new “enhanced service.” The blue and green wheels have flown off the bus which has skidded to a halt sideways on the street — by the looks of it, I’d say Dominion Road — […]

Ridgeway woman charged in cruise fraud »

A Ridgeway woman has been charged with fraud after 140 people were bilked for up to $2,500 each for tropical cruises that were not booked or were not provided as promised. Karen Gushue, also known as Karen Robinson and Karen Hannis, has been charged with one count each of defraud the public over $5,000 and […]

Fatal accident on Burger Road »

A 23-year-old man was killed when he lost control of his pick up truck hich came  to rest upside down in the ditch on Burger Road near Bowen Road. The accident occurred around 10 p.m. He was the only occupant. Police would like to talk to any witness.

Woodbine gobbling up Fort Erie horses »

According to the Daily Racing Form, Woodbine Racetrack will run cheap races and impose some limits on shipping horses back and forth to Fort Erie, which takes a big bite out of the supply of thoroughbreds for the local track. Horsemen at the Toronto track were informed Sunday afternoon. Claiming prices for some races would […]

$9M mortgage fraud in Crystal Beach »

CBC News has put together the pieces on a mortgage fraud involving Gary Fraser and Black Bear Homes in Crystal Beach, whom many locals suspected was up to the old tricks that landed him in jail some years ago for a similar crime in Niagara-on-the-Lake.   More than 120 people from the Greater Toronto Area’s […]

Town forgets December contract deadline »

Transit agreement extended without council’s knowledge Nearly four months after the fact, Town council learned last Monday that the $400,000 per year agreement with the transit contractor had been automatically extended for three years without council’s knowledge. This news, plus concerns about the soundness of a $2 million plan for transit service expansion, prompted Mayor […]

Town bus crashes into streetlight pole »

A Town of Fort Erie transit bus slid and crashed into a light pole on the Queen Street circle at Goderich Street Tuesday morning, resulting in the cancellation of service for the day. Freelance reporter Harry Rosettani heard about the mishap while at McDonald’s and took a picture for the Fort Erie Times which was […]

Garbage collection cancelled again »

Snowy weather has caused the cancellation of garbage and recycling collection for another day. Today’s schedule has been bumped to tomorrow. Tomorrow’s regular schedule is bumped to Friday, while Friday’s collection is unaffected. Crews will be working until 7 pm tomorrow and Friday. Yesterday’s collection will be done on Saturday. The Region reminds people not […]

Snow day for Region services, including garbage »

Today’s snowfall has caused the cancellation of garbage collection. Households affected will have their garbage collected Saturday. Most Regional services and offices are closed, including child care centres, public health offices, Regional headquarters and long-term care homes. Niagara transit services are operating but delays are expected. Fort Erie Town buses are also cancelled, but there […]

Heroin, coke, fentanyl, magic mushrooms seized in busts »

A Fort Erie man was arrested with more than five ounces of heroin at a St. Catharines convenience store early Tuesday leading to the seizure of cocaine, fentanyl patches and cash from a home and car. Police valued the drugs at $72,000. Lyle Gough, 28, is charged with various possession and trafficking offences as well […]