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Fort Erie's gang of four

Let’s get the judge’s opinion first

13/05/24 — Our favourite four public servants, now known as the Four Respondents, are headed to court to defend themselves against charges that they violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and other laws when they settled the wrongful dismissal and other claims against them personally by giving the former Town solicitor, Heather Salter, 18 months salary and $50,000 cash.

Another hilarous statement was made at the May 13 council meeting beside questions about invitations to lunch at the racetrack.

John Hill commented on the Ombudsman’s decision that a closed session held in February was improper. The four councillors at the time voted 4-3 to go into private to give Mayor Doug Martin a spanking for speaking out about the CAO hiring process.

To clean up Hill’s style of gibberish, he said he was confident the clerk will keep council on the straight and narrow when it comes to holding closed meetings.

Yeah right. Town clerk Carolyn Kett just saw her boss get canned and the interim CAO the shaft for giving them their best advice. And Respondent No. 2 wants her to now stare down the barrel of another 4-3 vote.

They should save everyone the trouble and get the judge’s opinion first.

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