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Aug. 10 edition ready for download »

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Today’s edition of The Ridgeway Herald features news about the Bernard Avenue Beach and Thunder Bay storm drainage project, vast amounts of money are lost in deficient water and sewer lines, Bay Beach security firm may have its contract terminated, MPAC assessments show house values in Fort Erie are not keeping up with the rest of the province and the region, local building activity spiked dramatically over three months, and a detailed description of problems that have caused a three-month delay and $2.4 million budget overrun on the construction of the Central Avenue Bridge.

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Trainer critically injured at track »

A 66-year-old Toronto man was critically injured when a horse bolted during the post parade for the eighth and final race of the card at Fort Erie Race Track Sunday afternoon.

The horse threw its rider and smashed into a fence near the tunnel, injuring a trainer.

Don Pleterski was taken to Erie County Medical Centre with life-threatening injuries and remains in critical condition.

The horse, Just Like David, was also badly injured and was put down.

The Ministry of Labour is investigating.

The race was cancelled and the track closed to training Monday. It will reopen for training and racing Tuesday.

EMS searching for lost drugs »

Niagara EMS lost a pouch containing morphine and midazolam after treating a patient with a life-threatening medical condition in Fort Erie Monday.

Niagara Region issued a press release with sparse details of the incident, except that the pouch is black and contained two vials of morphine and one of midazolam.

If found, call EMS directly at 1-888-895-6227 or 911.

Morphine is an opioid pain medication in the same family of drugs as heroin.

Midazolam acts as a central nervous system depressant. Overdose symptoms include slow breathing and heart rate, low blood pressure, fainting, confusion and unusual thoughts or behaviours, vision changes and unconsciousness, says the release.

Midazolam has uses for sedation and the treatment of seizures.

Drop Zone Ridgeway Nine »


Sergeant Adam Winnicki, a paratrooper with The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, floated from the sky parachuting from an altitude of 6.000 feet to the battlefield of the 1866 Battle of Ridgeway on Saturday to begin the memorial ceremonies held at the Ridgeway Battlefield Park.


Toronto to Ridgeway via Normandy »


At 8 a.m. on June 6, 1944, Rifleman John Hadley, left, of Baker company of The Queen’s Own Rifles, stormed the beach of Normandy in the first assault wave to begin the Allied invasion of Europe in the Second World War.

He attended memorial ceremonies of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Ridgeway Saturday with author and historian Peter Vronsky, who has been strongly advocating the memorialization of the battle and the men who fought and died, and Peter Young, honorary colonel of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment), a military unit which traces its lineage to the 13th Battalion Hamilton volunteers which fought in the battle along with the QOR.

Freedom of the city »


Commanding officers of The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, centre, and the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment) sought permission from Mayor Wayne Redekop to march through Ridgeway in a ceremony to give “freedom of the city” to the two military units to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Ridgeway on Saturday.

A parade of 200 soldiers from the two regiments started at the Crystal Ridge Arena and continued up to the Ridgeway Battlefield Park where memorial ceremonies were conducted to honour the soldiers of the two regiments who fought in the battle against Fenian invaders.

Nine members of The Queen’s Own Rifles lost their lives in combat, and their names have been inscribed on a memorial plaque along with the names of others who succumbed to other causes during their deployment in and around Ridgeway and Fort Erie that summer.

Soldiers return to honour their fallen »

Battle of Ridgeway 150th anniversary

Ridgeway will be given over to Canadian Armed Forces personnel as the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Ridgeway will be marked with a parade, memorial ceremonies and a day-long festival.

Download the latest edition of The Ridgeway Herald to learn about the nine young men who lost their lives in combat in the 1866 Battle of Ridgeway. Click the picture to download the pdf file.

Download the latest edition of The Ridgeway Herald to learn about the nine young men who lost their lives in combat in the 1866 Battle of Ridgeway.

Events start at noon when 200 soldiers from The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada and the Royal Hamilton Light Infrantry (Wentworh Regiment) will parade from the Crystal Ridge Arena Village Square where they will receive “Freedom of the City” from Mayor Wayne Redekop.

Freedom of the City is a ceremonial honour dating to Roman times to allow military units to assemble and march bearing their arms through a city.

From Village Square, where co-incidentally Canadian soldiers debarked from the train that brought them to battle, they will march up Ridge Road.

Soldiers in period uniforms will fire a volley at Dominion Road, Nigh Road and Garrison Road.

Ridge Road will be closed to vehicles from Rebstock Road to Garrison from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Vehicles will not be allowed to cross at Dominion or Nigh Roads.

Garrison Road will be closed to vehicles from Gorham Road to Ridgemount Road from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Through traffic will be detoured to Bowen Road via Gorham and Ridgemount, although Teal Road and Bertie Road to Gorham will remain open.

Once the parade arrives at the Battlefield on Garrison Road, a paratrooper of The Queen’s Own Rifles will jump from 10,000 feet with a Canadian flag measuring 1,000 square feet at 1 p.m.

Lieutenant Colonel Sandi Banerjee will present a Canadian flag to the mayor and dignitaries will make speeches.

parade-posterA bronze plaque memorializing the names of the soldiers who lost their lives as a result of being deployed to Ridgeway will be unveiled. Wreaths will be laid at the cairn and a bugler will sound Last Post. Rifle volleys will be made and a moment of silence will be observed. A prayer for veterans will be made.

A period cornet band will perform the Royal Anthem, the National Anthem, The QOR Regimental March and the RHLI Regimental March.

After soldiers are dismissed, The Ridgeway Nine Memorial will be unveiled for the nine soldiers of the QOR who were killed in combat in the Battle of Ridgeway. A plaque marking an ironwood tree on the battlefield will also be unveiled.

The book written by museum staff, First-Hand Accounts of the 1866 Fenian Raid and the Battle of Ridgeway, will be launched. and recognition will be made of descendants of soldiers who served in the 1866 Fenian Raid campaign.

Events will continue at the Crystal Ridge Arena with a festival featuring demonstrations of 19th century battle tactices, displays of modern military equipment and vehicles, art activities for children and exhinits of historic artifacts from the period, as well as a barbecue hosted by the Ridgeway Lions and other activites.

Parking and shuttle buses will be off Rebstock Road.

All events are free admission.

‘Veggie Plus Sale’ at FESS Saturday »

A “Veggie Plus Sale” will be held at the Fort Erie Secondary School greenhouse to raise money for bursaries for two students who will study horticulture.

The sale takes place Saturday, May 14 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

It is organized by the Fort Erie Horticultural Society and the students.

Vegetables, flowers and perennials grown from seed will be available as well as furniture constructed in the school’s shop.

Wynne says claim was investigated »

Premier Kathleen Wynne said an allegation of workplace sexual harassment against former MPP Kim Craitor was investigated by an independent third-party expert, reports the Kitchener Post.

“When the results of the independent investigation were received, I determined that action indeed needed to be taken and Kim Craitor was asked to resign.”

Source: Wynne names ex-MPP accused of sex harassment

Former staff disputes Craitor’s denial »

One of Kim Craitor’s former constituency staff said she disputes his claim that an allegation of sexual harassment is “unfounded,” reports the Niagara Falls Review.

Michelle Tavana told the Review, “I have to disagree . . . He knows what he did.”

Source: Craitor’s denial angers former staffer | Niagara Falls Review